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Omni-channel Chatbots for Businesses

Every business finds itself amidst an increasing reset due to fluctuating market dynamics and emerging technologies. Most businesses make the mistake of cutting operational costs, but there's another way. By embracing technology, they can pivot towards more efficiency and productivity while maintaining their budget. 

Happyml offers its AI chatbots for businesses to perform a wide array of tasks accurately. Get unlimited bots auto-trained on your business data and deploy them across your website, web application, email, SMS, or WhatsApp for efficient customer interactions. 

You can customize your chatbot's prompt, appearance, tone, and language to create conversations for every level of the sales funnel. What's more - you can connect your chatbot to 3rd party web applications to automate recurring tasks. 

What Makes Happyml Different?

·        Easy & Flexible Setup

Build without coding and deploy versatile chatbots in minutes to engage customers instantly.

·        Cross-channel Deployment 

Connect your bots to your website, web application, email, SMS, and WhatsApp seamlessly. 

·        Human Control

Happyml will manage all conversations and reroute qualified leads to your sales team. A human always stays in control and can take over the conversation anytime. 

·        Conversation History

Happyml monitors past conversations with customers to provide high-quality responses. 

·        Safe & Scalable

Your data remains completely safe and you can scale effortlessly with flexible pricing-based models. 

Start a Free Trial

Learn how our custom chatbots for businesses can improve business efficiency, automate daily tasks, and minimize errors. Start with a free trial today. 


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