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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

High-quality Thermal Paper Rolls for your POS Functions

As the leading wholesalers and distributors in Canada and the US, Master Distributors has high-quality thermal paper rolls to fulfill your printing requirements. We have a wide array of thermal paper rolls for maximizing your printing efficiency and productivity.

We have been the leading supplier of POS hardware and accessories for more than two decades. During this time, we've been recognized as reputed wholesalers who prioritize quality and customer satisfaction over everything else. When you buy from us, you get globally leading brands at affordable prices. 

Master Distributors has partnered with thermal and bond paper manufacturers to stock printing papers compatible with top thermal printer brands including Citizen, Epson, Star Micronics, Casio, Panasonic, and more. Find premium thermal paper rolls for your thermal printers, ATMs, EFTPOS terminals, kiosks, and more at Master Distributors.

How do Thermal Paper Print Receipts & Labels?

Thermal papers are coated with special chemicals consisting of wax and resins that are heat sensitive. When subjected to temperatures above a certain level, the chemicals start changing color and form high-definition texts and images. 

When the paper passes through the thermal printer's head, the heat causes a chemical reaction and forms the desired print. These prints are created in milliseconds and can be in black or colored formats. While thermal paper rolls have a limited number of colors, they offer faster and clearer prints than traditional bond papers. 

Along with thermal papers, we also sell quality POS hardware and accessories to take care of all your POS needs. Serve customers more efficiently with thermal paper rolls by Master Distributors. Call 1-888-905-7008 or send us an email at to request a quote today. 


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